How to Subscribe

A couple of you have been asking how to subscribe so we thought we'd help you out. At the moment the easiest way to subscribe is through iTunes. You should be able to search for the podcast through all major apps by using the search term "Story Slam Bristol". If you're an android user or you prefer to add your subscription manually you can use our RSS feed which is Try clicking on the link (it should just open your app for you) or if that doesn't work then copy and paste it into your podcast app under add a 'new subscription'.  Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy! 


Don't have a Podcast app?

We've got you covered. Here's a small selection available from the Play Store. Subscribing through an app is the best way to make sure you never miss and episode!


Podcast Addict

What’s in it:

  • Tons of customization
  • Great selection of popular podcasts

Podcast Addict allows you to manage Podcasts, Radio on Demand, Audio books, Live stream radios, YouTube channels/playlists and RSS News feeds from a single app.

With a huge collection of podcasts ready to be subscribed to, there's also a ton of customization that’s hard to find in any other app. 

Download Podcast Addict


What’s in it:

  • Quick access to playlist
  • SmartPlay builder to smartly queue up episodes
  • Lots of podcasts, categories etc.
  • Import

BeyondPod has a quick access to your playlist. Not only this but it also features a SmartPlay builder which lets you build a customized playlist based on a set of rules you can customize. The app has all the required features that make for a great podcasts app (including a ton of podcasts, lot of categories, import etc.) The interface is great too.

Download BeyondPod

Player FM

What’s in it:

  • Material Design UI
  • Simple but powerful
  • Tons of podcasts to subscribe to
  • Sync with desktop

 Player FM is simple, beautiful and elegant. Discovering and subscribing to podcasts is easy as a cinch. You can manage your subscriptions and episodes easily too. And this is probably the only app from this list which offers more meta information (as in frequency of the podcast, average length etc.) With a Player FM account, you can sync your data across devices and platforms.

Download Player FM