Where's the podcast?

Hi all, Josh from the Story Slam team here. I feel like you all deserve an update on what's been happening with the podcast as I know there hasn't been an episode out in almost two months.

I started the podcast just over a year ago in order to be able to spread some of the wonderful stories that we have the privilege of hearing every month in the hope that we can have some small impact on more people around the world. It was a project I was very excited about undertaking and was very happy with the quality of content we were able to put out to you all.

"So where's it gone?" I hear you ask. Well you'll be pleased to know we haven't stopped recording the slam and more podcasts will be coming (the next one will be up later today).

The reason I've not put out an episode in so long is due to a whole host of factors from me moving house and not having any internet, to me finding it difficult to become enthused about editing the show (not because they aren't great shows just my own silly head demons) and then an over arching anxiety and the feeling of having let you all down by putting it off for so long.

This all being said, I can only thank you for bearing with me. I'm in the process of trying to sort out my priorities and make sure I have the time and energy to be able to put into things like the podcast that I used to.

Our audience make Story Slam what it is and for that we can't thank you enough. With any luck I'll not end up on impromptu hiatus again any time soon.