Ep. 1 - Lessons (Part 1)

Well here it is, episode 1 of our brand new podcast! We're so excited to be able to bring this to you and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we have making it. Many thanks to all our story tellers who agreed to let us record them and share their stories with the world.

The podcast will be released every Thursday (with the exception of the first 4) so each show will be split up into 4. Occasionally we're hoping to be able to bring you some round table discussions about the show and many other special episodes along the way. If you prefer to listen to the whole show uninterrupted we'll be releasing it on the Sunday after all the other episodes from that month have been released.

In this episode you'll hear stories from James, Alex and Tamzyn. This month's theme is 'Lessons', stories of things learnt, taught, forgotten and ignored. Stories of teachers and students, and learning moments of the utmost importance or triviality. Maybe there are things you wished you'd learnt? Or maybe some things you'll never learn...