Ticketing and Price Increase Announcement

Story Slam will be celebrating it's 4th birthday this year and we've come a long way from our beginnings of a few friends sharing stories in a cafe basement. Our community has grown and grown and we've heard hundreds and hundreds of incredible true stories along the way. Nowadays we have a wonderful venue, website, busy Facebook page and even our very own podcast!

We absolutely love having the Wardrobe Theatre as our venue and plan to be there for many more years and we're beginning to take steps to integrate ourselves more into their system. Since the beginning Story Slam has been a ‘pay what you feel' event, and we've so far sustained ourselves on the kindness and generosity of our community. But this has not always been easy to do and at times it has led to chaos, long queues and lots of disappointed people not able to attend. As we've gotten bigger and bigger the hardest thing to handle has always been turning people away. So after much deliberation we feel that it's time for something new. We're going to start actually ticketing. 🎉🎊

This is something that lots of people have been calling for a while, so we hope this will come as welcome news. We hope that by ticketing we can make our system fairer and sleeker overall. No more waiting in long queues, no more turning up an hour before the event to get a seat. People who can get to the venue earliest or can stand in a queue longest, will no longer get an unfair advantage. Hopefully this will lead to less disappointed people overall. From now on you will be able to buy tickets online in advance through the Tobacco Factory website, the same as you would for any other show at the Wardrobe Theatre.

With our decision to ticket, we will also be having a price increase. Story Slam is an important event to lots of us and this price increase will enable us to keep doing what we’re doing as well as bigger and better things. There are two tiers, concession and full price. The concession price is £5 and full price is £8.

We realise this is quite a big change, but it will enable us to keep putting on shows every month, compensate our volunteers more fairly and allow us to do bigger and better things. Things like putting on more shows and organising more special editions, similar to our end of year events, with even more treats and surprises for everyone. It will also enable us to attend more festivals, take more risks, work more on our podcast and generally bring you all a sleeker, more colourful and better produced show month on month. Everyone who helps run Story Slam are volunteers and all money that we get goes straight back into the event.

If you are low income or feel that the full price would be prohibitive for you, we would encourage you to purchase a concession ticket. If you feel that even this is too much, drop us a message and we'll work something out.

We're excited for this new chapter in our story, thank you all for joining us along the way.

Thanks everyone xxx

Tickets can be purchased for our upcoming shows here