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Story Slam: Lessons

This is Speak Easy Story Slam, where you can hear people's amazing true stories, told live on stage.

For those of you who have been to previous Story Slam, we have something a little different for you all....

A CONTEST! (woo!) *fanfare*

Yes, the next event will be a contest held in partnership with Tellit Story Telling Festival, who are on a Quest to find the nations best amateur story teller. Read more about the Quest on their website:

Together with storytelling clubs from across the country, Speak Easy Story Slam will be choosing one of our story tellers to represent us on a national scale!

Whichever story teller is declared the winner of our heat will join 8 others, chosen by storytelling clubs across the country, to go to the Showcase Event in London on Saturday 22nd October 2016 at Hoxton Hall, 130 Hoxton St, London N1 6SH

Every storyteller will have a +1 ticket

The events theme will be 'Lessons', stories of things learnt, taught, forgotten and ignored. Stories of teachers and students, and learning moments of the utmost importance or triviality. Maybe there are things you wished you'd learnt? Or maybe some things you'll never learn... 

Got a story? Submit an application and come tell us on August 21st and be in with a chance to represent Story Slam at the Tellit Festival in London. 


Unlike the normal slam, where anyone can get up on stage and tell a story, this time if you would like to take part in our quest you will have to submit a simple application. To do this you will need to: 

1) fill out a google form by following this link:

2) Send us an audio recording of you telling your story to our email address: The story doesn't have to be polished and audio quality doesn't have to be amazing (you can record it on your phone), we just need something so we know what the story will roughly sound like.

Then you can leave the rest to us! Around 10 story tellers will be chosen to perform and we will be in touch to let you know if you have been selected to perform at the event. 

*Application deadline is August 14th at 12 noon*

Important Notes:
- Anyone can submit an application
- The only requirement is that you be available and willing to compete at the event on August 21st
- And you be free to attend the London event on Saturday 22nd October 2016 in the event that you win (Story Slam will be able to help with travel money).
- Please note that, parts of both events will be filmed.


We have a Pay What You Want policy at Story Slam. There's a suggested entrance fee of £4, on the door but it can be more and less than this and it is totally not mandatory! We'd way rather have you here and sharing stories than not.

Our events tend to fill up early, so we open the box office to start stamping people's hands for entrance from 1.15.

Doors open and everyone is let into the theatre. Just take a seat and enjoy the show! Once you have your stamp and have found a seat, fee free to grab drinks and nibbles from the lovely adjoining Old Market Assembly.

2.00 - 4.00: STORYTIME (Contest Style)
Pre-chosen story tellers will be called onto the stage and each will tells us a 5 minute story from their life on the theme of Lessons! We laugh, we cry, we drink, we hear another one! We will hear around 10 stories and there will be an interval at some point.

4.00 - 4.30: JUDGING


The stories have to follow a few rules:

1. They must be *stories*! No rants, standup routines or monologues. We want a beginning, middle and end, and some change and conflict to occur. 

2. They must be told in 5 minutes.

3. They have to be true (that time that you and Kylo Ren went on a whirlwind adventure and loved and learned and cried? Not going to cut it.)

4. They need to be genuinely 1st person. You should be a major player in the story and we want to hear your perspective.

5. Preferably no notes. This is about the good ol’ fashioned art of storytelling. Tell it to us like we're round a campfire, or at a sleep over. (However you may use them feel this would be a significant barrier to sharing your story)

The rules are just there to make sure we get to hear as many awesome stories as possible. They’re not meant to be restricting, so if you’re unsure about anything just drop us a message or ask on the day.


In the interest of making the story slam a safer and more comfortable place, we give people the option of putting content warnings before their stories. We read them out before each story and give people a chance to leave the room. If you do want to leave the main room at any time, we have a craft out table fully stocked with craft materials and friendly volunteers!


The venue has full step free access to the theatre and the stage. However, if you need to use it please let us know (via Facebook message) beforehand as we need a member of staff to open side doors etc. Also please feel free to message us if you have any questions surrounding that (or anything else!)

You can also check out our photo album for details on the step free access:

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